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Add content to this section using the sidebar. Your product's name. Strike 3 herbicide contains three active ingredients: 2,4-D, mecoprop-p and dicamba. These three ingredients work together to control spurge, plantain and other turf and noncrop weeds.

Strike 3 herbicide mixes easily with other herbicides and works best with WF adjuvants to reduce drift. Strike 3 herbicide also works to eliminate broadleaf weeds in ditches, rights-of-way and off-road areas along highways and side roads. With its three active ingredients, Strike 3 herbicide targets numerous annual and perennial broadleaf weeds such as:. Strike 3 herbicide kills weeds from the shoots to the roots, eradicating the plants from the target area.

Because Strike 3 only targets the weeds, it doesn't harm ornamental lawns and turf. It also kills weeds on sod farms and keeps bluegrass and other sod-grown grasses free of invasive plants. You can also mix Strike 3 herbicide with certain fertilizers to help control weed growth while promoting healthy lawns and turf.

When clovers, dandelions and other weeds ruin your landscape, eliminate them for good with Strike 3 herbicide. This potent herbicide targets and controls a variety of invasive weeds on residential and commercial lawns, sod farms, roadsides and other noncrop areas. It contains three systemic herbicides for full weed control and mixes well with some irons and fertilizers.

Strike 3 applies easily with a spreader or a sticker and penetrates weeds even better when it's combined with WF Wick adjuvant. It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulations.

You want to use a herbicide with triclopyr so either Horsepower or 4-Speed XT is a better choice.USPS shipments to Europe have been disabled.

For reliable shipments select Priority mail or UPS ground. New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password?

strike 3 dlg

Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. New shipment of F3K models from Anton in Ukraine just arrived. Several NRJ's and Strike 3's. Won't last long! Fresh batch of Strike 3's just arrived! We have a few 2-piece wing versions in stock.

Strike 3 unboxing

This is sure to be a fun little model! We want our customers to be satisfied. If you have any questions or concerns please email us. Please don't hesitate to message us for products support or questions.

Discus Launch Glider Build

We are available via FB messenger as well.The thought that one can hand launch a model glider to ft altitude seems amazing — but is possible with Discus Launch Gliders DLGs. To launch one holds the glider by a finger grip on a wing tip and then one spins around as throwing a discus.

With the gliders weighing around g 11oz the 25g force comes out at 7. Also look at my flight later in this instruction. The need for high strength, light weight and clean aerodynamics means that a composite built model is needed. I had started with a cheap HobbyKing model with conventional covered balsa wings which was great for testing interest but was higher drag and hence gave poor launch heights. Hence shorter flights and less time to find some lift.

The kits comes with the moulded wings and fuselage complete and with hardware to build the control linkages. The rudder also has to be attached to the fuselage - that was a bit more difficult with my kit. The mount for the all moving tail has to be glued in place. However the major activity is installing the radio gear and control hardware.

I did several things differently to the instructions in order to save weight and make a neat installation. I hope some of these will be useful to other builds of DLG kits. In particular I mounted all 4 servos in the nose to reduce the nose weight required and hence reduce the overall weight. I also used a neater, more maintainable and lighter servo mounting system.

Mini DLG Wing Bags

The control horns were all replaced with lighter carbon ones and their length was carefully set to match the servo arm length and movement that was possible within the confines of the nose cone. Before starting I weighed and found the centre of gravity COG for each of the parts, plus servos, radio and battery.

I put these into a spreadsheet so I could see where the final model COG was likely to be.

From this it became clear that I would need less nose weight if I put the aileron servos in the nose rather than the wings. I had seen comments on doing this but no examples— a gap that I hope this instructable fills. The Blaster 2 has an all moving tailplane mounted on a carbon V mount. The mount has to be fitted before the rudder as it slips over the boom. This was because the V mount assumes parallel top and bottom surfaces and the elevator was essentially triangular in cross-section from the mounting plate to the trailing edge.

To correct this I filed a piece of 0. See photo above. The target is to have the trailing edge of the elevator 5mm in front of the leading edge of the rudder.

This position was found with rudder fitted loosely. Masking tape was wound around the boom forward of the mount so it could be positioned easily with adhesive applied.

I prefer epoxy to cyano as it gives a longer handling time and a stronger joint. I had also sanded the mating surfaces for a good joint. In order to get the elevator flat relative to the main wings the mount was fitted with the main wings in place and the elevator attached to the mount. The alignment was checked carefully before leaving for the epoxy to set. The rudder glues into a slot the rear of the carbon tail boom.

Unfortunately the slot in my kit was not vertical. I explored options, including getting a replacement fuselage, but the rudder was also a little thicker than design and it looked like careful trimming could lead to a fit. So I decided to proceed. This would leave the tail a little weaker with thinner pieces of the carbon boom either side of the rudder. So I added two 60mm lengths of 1mm2 carbon tow starting inside the top and bottom of the boom and the splitting each of these so half ran down each side of the rudder, still inside the boom.

Tricky but worked OK. See photo below for the positioning of the carbon tows.Write a review. Review by: David and Jack Jowers. The Strike 3 is a quality one metre span DLG with an excellent surface finish and is commendably light, though some care and forethought is necessary to install everything in the very cramped space in the fuselage. However, the removable nosecone is a bonus for easy access.

No instructions are supplied so you are left to your own devices for the installation, relying on anything you can glean from the internet and your own experience and expertise.

Nano servos and the smallest receiver are a must. Rudder and elevator rely on traditional torque springs, which are a little on the stiff side, with Kevlar string for the pull. You have to very carefully cut into the carbon surface to mount the control horns, one for a new sharp blade.

Each aileron has its own servo which is connected to the surface by a piano wire pushrod. Careful wire bending is required as there is no room for including adjustment.

Again, careful cutting into the carbon surface is needed to mount the control horn and it is recommended that the horn is away from the inner aileron edge to facilitate wing removal by pushing the piano wire out of the horn.

Strike 3 Weed Killer Herbicide

No room for a clevis. To put four servos, battery and receiver all into the confined space of the nose and fuselage was akin to a three-dimensional puzzle but the nose design does give good access. Internal layout ended up with the battery fully forward in the nose, next the block of four servos as forward as they will go followed by the receiver under the wing, with all servo wires carefully taped flat under the receiver.

Each servo had its mounting lugs cut off to make a block two by two glued together with UHU Por and wrapped in tape to glue into the nose. No lead was needed to achieve a balance. A nice launching blade is included but you are left to your own devices as to where it should be placed.

Carefully drilling a succession of holes and filing out to create a slot in the wingtip proved nerve wracking but successful and the blade epoxied in with a nice fillet for strength. Carbon reinforcement for the throwing blade could be included for strong launchers if you want to be doubly sure.

Receiver: JETI 5ch. Flying weight was g and control throws proved satisfactory as a starting point on Hyperflight recommendations.

Test glides were easy and once trimmed, a good launch height was effortlessly achieved with a straight track. Central CG location was preferred as it is a bit frisky further aft.

If flown a little faster it has a superb all-round performance and on a marginal day for lift, a test flight of seven and a half minutes was exhilarating. Altogether the Strike 3 has a superb performance, is easy to fly and a good looker.

The nose cone for easy access to the battery and servos is a great design point, but the DLG is really for an experienced builder and it desperately needs some instructions. Once built, the Strike 3 is a great 1m DLG. Highly recommended. Review by: Barry T.

Currently constructing the Strike 3, it is a quality model and well packaged for delivery by Hyperflight. Review by: Takky Suzuki. Review by: Geoff. I received this plane last autumn but, for various reasons, I've only just got round to building and flying.Assembly instructions. Click on the model name to paint it. Weight characteristics. Blaster 3 Flap construktion. Blaster 3 regular Wing construktion. Blaster 3 strong Wing construktion. The Blaster 3 wing is being constantly modified.

Here one can see the current up to date configuration of the wing. Blaster 3 SC wing suits perfectly both for calm and windy weather. This wing has a total weight of grams depending on color. This allows to obtain very strong and lightweight parts.

Due to the fact that regular wing Blaster 3 lighter than the previous version of the glass Blaster 3 light wing. Blaster 3 strong perfectly suits for windy weather. The rigid skin helps to save plane after collisions of the planes in the sky or after rough landings. Igor Butseroga noted that due to extra wing rigidity he has increased stability and height of launch. Blaster 3 wing perfectly suits for windy weather.

An icing on the cake makes a convenient launching handle located at wingtip of Blaster 3. You can grind it a bit to make it more comfortable for your personal grip. Then just mark the place where you want to locate it and glue the handle with liquid cyanoacrylate Super Glue. The fuselage Blaster 3 represents a seamless carbon construction and radio transparent kevlar nose cone. The fuselage of the most collected.

You just have to glue the servos, rudder and to rods. For the first time, the fuselage does not consist of a separate nose and tail boom. The unique single piece design saves the weight while yielding a stronger structure. The new full length CF tube transfers the load of the ground impact without stressing the nose cone. The wing is attached directly to this tube.Ohio and North Carolina are leaning Republican a little more strongly.

The chart tracks the probability of victory on PredictWise since we started state-by-state predictions on February 27, 2016. I know that an efficient market should have everything priced in immediately, but the state-by-state predictions have slipped slightly above the national predictions in the last few days. She just needs to win one of those and she is president. At this point I have been constructing the predictions independently and they have stayed very consistent.

If this divergence continues I will become increasingly concerned about whether the national markets are suppressed. If there is a good lesson for American public opinion from Brexit it this. The two set of voters: leave and remain, live in a totally different reality.

The remain voters got increasingly freaked out about the British economy as a possibility turned into a reality. The leave voters, most of them, assume that it was meaningless fit of the elite bankers who were upset they did not get their way. A small fraction of leave voter regret their vote. But, remain would most likely win a re-vote, because a huge number of non-voters feel silly for not voting remain.

Brexit happened, what does that mean for the USA. This does not affect how I predict the USA election, because (1) the USA has a long history of data versus a one-shot event (2) the USA has many outcomes to calibrate on versus just one outcome (3) we have more data for the USA election than Brexit. But, we certainly learned that a segment of the UK voters really want immigration restrictions and trade barriers.

And then there were two. While Bernie Sanders is technically still running, Donald Trump v.

strike 3 dlg

This lead may be surprisingly small to some people (Democrats) or surprisingly large to others (believers in fundamental models). A lot more to follow in the next 6 months and 4 days. It has been so much fun, but there is a really good chance that the primary effectively ends in 30 minutes feeling nostalgic yet. A quick post on the state of the election at 191 until Election Day. Also, just added Newt Gingrich into the Republican VP slot should keep an eye on him.Select charts from the menu.

Hover the mouse over the charts for prediction details.

strike 3 dlg

VOACAP Online knows the predicted monthly SSN values. Therefore DO NOT set any value for SSN, unless you want to experiment. After you have entered a value in any of the fields, press the TAB key instead of ENTER. If in doubt, read the User Manual (August 1, 2017 Edition).

Drag the markers on the map to the desired locations. Double-click the markers to swap TX and RX. The red line between the markers shows the great-cirle path (short-path).

You can also choose long-path. Write to our Helpdesk. More on VOACAP HF propagation predictions Acknowledgements This service would not have been possible without the support of two special people: Mr George Lane and Mr Greg Hand. Stoke City: match preview, projected lineups, predictions, and how to watch New, 8 comments Its a lovefest when Heung Min Son and Kevin Wimmner reunite.

Strike 3 DLG 1m

Its probably the worst spell for the club since the 2014-15 season and Poch has been surprisingly positive throughout. In other words, its been a disappointing few weeks, but its disappointment in the midst of a glorious renaissance and a bright future. Spurs sit in a sixth place tie with Burnley at twenty-five points, though Tottenham are ahead on goal differential.

We are three points behind Arsenal in fifth place, trail fourth-placed Liverpool by four points, and third-placed Chelsea by seven points. Manchester City has already created an eight point lead over rival and second-placed Manchester United and are a whooping eighteen points clear of Spurs in early December. Wow, they are good at football. Our opponents on Saturday, Stoke City, are in sole possession of thirteenth place with sixteen points on the year thus far. Stoke are led by Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting and Mame Biram Diouf up front.

With marquee signing Jese struggling to settle into the Premier and Saido Berahino, also known as Little Bear for the ITK, riding the bench, its an unlikely pairing that are providing the goals for Stoke.


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