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Sheila Baskin was shot repeatedly as she sat in her vehicle on the block of Mulford Street. Wysocki also announced a new partnership intended to curb viiolent crime in Camden, where 10 people have been slain since Sept. Under the new program, the federal bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms will station agents in Camden to assist local law enforcement, Wysocki said.

The agents will accompany local investigators to all shooting scenes, said Dan Keashen, a spokesman for the county department. All are charged with multiple counts of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and weapons offenses. Johnson is awaiting extradition from Connecticut after being arrested in East Hartford, authorities said. The other suspects are in Camden County Jail. Authorities said gunmen stepped from a vehicle and opened fire on the officers' home on the block of Clinton Street on the night of Sept.

The normally quiet street is lined with brick rowhomes that generally share a similar appearance, as do homes on surrounding blocks. Wysocki declined to say if investigators had identified the intended target of the attack.

A vehicle believed to have been used in the East Camden attack was recovered hours later. Police said the house was hit by six rounds, with two bullets piercing the front door. The officers and their day-old baby were upstairs at the time of the attack. They escaped injury. The officers, who are assigned to the Neighborhood Response Team, were on leave for the birth of their child at the time of the attack. The male officer is a four-year veteran of the county department; the woman joined the force two years ago.

However, investigators identified the suspects through "solid detective work" and no reward will be paid out, Keashen said.

Help support local journalism with a Courier-Post subscription.Christian Andreacchio was years old when he was found slumped over his bathroom tub with a bullet wound to his head. The Meridian Police Department ruled it as a suicide after a minute walk through.

Arrest warrants were issued for two individuals, but were later revoked. Cover up or justice? Christian, who worked offshore on a tug boat called the Magnolia Marine, was found dead in the bathroom of his apartment in Meridian on Feb. He was kneeling on the bathroom floor with his upper body slumped into the bathtub, blood pooling and then down the drain. Events from that point on can be described as bizarre at best, and suspicious at worst.

Thanks, you're on the list! Be sure to add rsvp crimecon. Please try again later or email us at rsvp crimecon. The P. Experience with Sheila Wysocki. Join Sheila Wysocki, a renowned year private investigator, to learn the ins-and-outs of what it takes to be a P. Attendees will work with Sheila and her handpicked group of world-class private investigators and experts from across the country on a real case.

Event Details. When: Thursday, June 6th, Begins at p CT. No food will be served, attendees are urged to eat prior to the start. About Sheila Button. Law enforcement authorities and crime scene re-constructionists later concluded that certain aspects of the crime scene did not add up:. Was that the reason the case was never investigated? Tests showed Goodman and Swearingen had residue on both hands, while Christian had residue on his palm.

Her explanation, according to police reports, is that she and three friends had shot a gun in the early morning hours near Hayes Road in Meridian. Only 21 years old when he died, Andreacchio had worked for three years on a tug boat in the Mississippi River called the Magnolia Marine. He had been promoted twice during his time on the boat and had a goal of being the youngest employee to become captain. Christian set out for a day hitch on Feb.

sheila wysocki

Then he was supposed to have been back to the boat for crew change at that evening. Police have never interviewed Stanley.

Murder of Angela Samota

Goodman, who was living in the apartment, was also there. From then until about 5 p. Each has a different version about what happened between a. Did anyone have a motive to kill Christian? Was there a cover-up?

Stay-At-Home Mom Solves A 20 Year Old Murder Case After A Ghostly Encounter

Are politics involved to the highest office? Will trace evidence tell the story? Was it suicide or murder? This case summary was provided by Sheila Wysocki.This event has ended. Visit the official site or create your own event on Sched. CrimeCon Simple Expanded Grid By Venue.

All Oxygen. All Live Podcast. Sheila Wysocki Private Investigator. She embraces the challenge and views each case as a mission to seek justice - and seeking justice is what she does. Wysocki became a household name in the private investigation world after she helped solve the cold-case murder of her college roommate, Angie Samotamore than 25 years later.

Persistence has always been how her colleagues characterize her and that persistence has paid off in the many cold-cases she has worked.

She believes the media is your friend in any and every case. The more the case is publicized, the better the chances are of people coming forward with information. Wysocki also uses modern, cutting-edge techniques, including crowd-sourcing. This is where she presents the case to the public in an in-depth manner so they can give their feedback to provide information that will help solve the case.

Participants investigated the Jonathan Crews case, an active case Wysocki is working. She is currently working on the Lauren Agee case, the Jonathan Crews case, and two new podcasts, one focused on an expose of colleges and the other on a partnership with Resonate Recordings on a Mississippi murder mystery.

When not buried in her investigative work, Sheila Wysocki loves to spend time with her husband, two sons, and her dogs. My Speakers Sessions ThursdayJune 6. The P. Experience Separate Admission St. Charles Sheila Wysocki.

Twitter Feed.The four suspects arrested for attempted murder for shooting into the East Camden home of two police officers did not know who they were shooting at, Camden County Police Chief Joseph Wysocki said at a press conference Monday. All four are charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges. The assailants who allegedly fired six bullets into the home on the block of Clinton Street, said Wysocki, were targeting the house — and not the Camden County police officers who had been living there for three years.

Community engagement officers Randy Cintron and Jaihna Ibanez were on the second floor tending to their day-old baby when the incident occurred on the evening of September None of the three was harmed.

The announcement laid to rest any speculation that Cintron and Ibanez, who attended the press conference but did not speak, were fired upon because of their badges. The press conference began with Chief Wysocki acknowledging a surge of violence in the city that has resulted in 12 homicides in the last six weeks.

He said it was reminiscent ofwhen 67 people were killed in Camden, drawing national attention for a wave of violence in a small city. Wysocki had just met the day before, he said, with the daughter of the latest victim, year old Sheila Baskins, who was shot repeatedly around 10 a. Marshals Task Force, N. State Police, and the West Hartford Police Department — because Johnson was apprehended in Connecticut — with invaluable assistance in the arrests of the four men over a hour period.

The speakers pledged to address the current spate of gun violence in the city with their Violent Crime Initiative, an ongoing multi-agency push to share information to try to decrease violent crime in Camden. In recent months, community activists have demanded the force hire more police officers who live in Camden, like Cintron and Ibanez, Wysocki has responded with a recruitment push in the city, but is finding it slow going.

Two Bucks County women plead guilty to murdering five relatives in The Breonna Taylor decision and five times police have botched warrants in Philly.

sheila wysocki

The police killing of Breonna Taylor in Louisville began with a routine search warrant gone tragically wrong. Philly is no stranger to similar tragedies. Sign up for our weekly newsletter.

On October 5,Camden County police officers Randy Cintron, left, and Jaihna Ibanez attend a press conference to announce the arrests of four suspects in the September 15 shooting of their Camden home. They were on the second floor at the time with their infant; all three were unharmed. Enter your Email here. Share this Facebook Twitter Email. You may also like. About April Saul Read more.

Ways to Donate.Sometimes, life-changing moments can appear out of thin air. One moment, life is good; the next, everything has changed.

For Sheila Gibbons, the future was on the right track: she was a freshman psychology major at Southern Methodist University with a firecracker roommate who would become her best friend. When Sheila Gibbons pictured and Angela Samota were paired up as college roommates at Southern Methodist University in Waco, Texas, the duo had all the makings to hit it off as a sitcom-style odd couple. Sheila Wysocki. Still, as opposite as the two may have been, by the end of their freshman year, they were the best of friends and practically inseparable.

Years later, in October ofSheila was at home with her family in Northern Texas. When she explained why, Sheila screamed…. The night before, Angela had been murdered.

My best friend’s killer got away - until I made police try again

This was too much Sheila to bear. The Dallas Police Department jumped on the case, naming Russell Buchanan, a friend and the man Angela was seen with at the bar, as the top suspect. To see if the story he gave the police stayed consistent, the police asked Sheila to take him out to dinner and try to get answers…. Shortly afterwards, the case stalled out and went cold. CBS 7. It took away my view of the world. All was quiet on the Angela case, until one day…. People Magazine. InSheila—by then a stay-at-home mom with the last name Wysocki—was home alone, reading passages from the Book of Daniel for a Bible study.

Suddenly, according to her account, she saw an image of Angela appear before her as an apparition. After processing this, Sheila knew it was time to take action—she was going to solve this case. United Church of God. NBC News.

She earned her license as a private investigator, taking on small cases like cheating, stalking, and cyber-bullying before she could work her way into cold murder cases. Independent Journal Review.The murder of Angela Samota occurred on October 13,when she was attacked while in her apartment, rapedand killed.

The case remained unsolved until DNA evidence surfaced in the s and charges were brought against a convicted rapist, who was subsequently tried and received the death penalty. She was studying computer science and electrical engineering. On the night of 12 OctoberSamota and two friends, one male and one female, went on the town to the State Fair of Texas. Samota's boyfriend did not join them, because, according to the subsequent police report, he was working in construction and had to get up early the next morning.

Participating in the night's festivities were also fans of the University of Texas football team that was to face the University of Oklahoma for the annual Red River Showdown.

The three friends went to the Rio Room dance club and stayed there until "after midnight. Afterwards, Samota drove her two companions to their homes, first dropping off the male at around 1 a. The man later testified that, when he returned home, "he went to bed and fell asleep. Samota next went by her boyfriend's apartment to say goodnight, and then returned to her place. It was not made clear by her if the man was already there when she got home, or if she allowed him to come in.

Discussing Dylan

When she did not call back, the boyfriend phoned her and no one answered. He drove to her condo but there was no response when he knocked on the door, which was locked. He had with him an early-generation mobile phoneprovided for his construction job, so he called information who connected him to the police.

Police officers arrived at a. They discovered Samota's dead, bloody, and naked body on the bed. The autopsy showed that the victim had been raped and then "repeatedly" stabbeddying from wounds to her heart.

For a long period of time, the police reportedly suspected an architect who was 23 years old at the time and living in a Lower Greenville apartment. The case remained unsolved until Inthen- Dallas police detective Linda Crum, tasked with the case, used the DNA evidence from blood, semen, and fingernail samples to try and find a match among persons with a criminal record. Inthe results pointed to a Donald Bess who, at the time of Samota's murder, was on parole while serving a year sentence.

Sheila Wysocki, who went to SMU and was a roommate of Samota, subsequently claimed that the case was re-opened only because she kept "badgering" the police until "they were so sick and tired of" her that they assigned detective Crum to re-examine it. Wysocki credits the fact that she became a licensed private investigator to her desire to assist in solving Samota's murder. The police initially had stated the rape kit collected at the crime scene had been lost "in the [Dallas] floods.

The defendant in the trial for the sexual assault and murder of Angela Samota was already in prison, serving a life sentence. Donald Andrew Bess Jr. He had been sentenced to 25 years in prison, and was out on parole bywhen he raped and murdered Samota. Inin a case unrelated to Samota's murder, Bess was sentenced in Harris County, Texas to life imprisonment for one count of aggravated rape, one count of aggravated kidnapping and one count of sexual assault.

During the trial's punishment phase, other women testified that they had also been raped by Bess. They had wed in and divorced three years later.

On the basis of the DNA match, Bess was found guilty by the jury and, on 8 Junereceived the death sentence. On 6 Marchthe appeal filed by Bess was rejected and the judgement of the trial court was affirmed.They shared a room and became great friends, but two years later, at the age of 20, Angela was brutally killed.

Decades passed and the murderer was never found, until a vision prompted Sheila to get the case reopened. When the phone rang I ran to my room. I picked it up and on the other line was Barbara - a friend of Angie and mine - and she was crying. Through her crying she said there had been an accident. Barbara kept crying - hysterical crying - and so after a few minutes, I don't know why, I just said, "Is she dead? Angie had been found in her bedroom in the wee hours of the morning - she had been raped and murdered.

It was a very violent stabbing, it was horrific. I remember screaming because my mother came in and when I got off the phone, through my tears I told her what had happened.

Sheila Wysocki

Angie had a beautiful smile, the biggest I've ever seen, the type of smile that would light up her whole face. She was very vivacious and friendly and one of the few girls in the computer science and electrical engineering department. She was the triple threat - great personality, real cute and smart. The first semester we didn't get along that well because she had a boyfriend that I did not care for, but when they broke up we became pretty close.

We both grew up without dads and we bonded over not having fathers in our lives. Angie was very academically inclined and she would study late into the night, but I'm dyslexic and was struggling and just hoping to get through college.

We were polar opposites. I'm an observer - I'm friendly, but I'm not going to be the centre of a room.

sheila wysocki

I finally went down to the police station and I sat down with the detectives. They had the files out and they asked questions - did I know this person or that person? Did I know where she did her grocery shopping? Did I know her schedule? And they had pictures. There's one I remember of Angie on the bed - there was blood everywhere and her eyes were open.

To this day I still remember how horrible it was. It was quite traumatic. From what I understood from the police they believed that Russell Buchanan was the guy who had done it. He was probably four years or five years older than us, not that much but he was already established in his profession.

He was an architect and Angie realised that Russell would be a good connection - Angie was great at networking. Russell was a shy guy, so she invited him to go out with her and another friend dancing that night.

sheila wysocki

One time I called the police to check in and I said I didn't know what it was about Russell, but he made me feel uncomfortable. What I didn't realise was that everybody made me feel uncomfortable at that point - I was numb, it was probably a year before I really started feeling things again. I think I would have done just about anything to help and with encouragement from the police I started having conversations with Russell to ask him about that night and to see if he told me something different than what he had told them.

You can listen again here. And then we decided to go out to dinner - I remember my mom flipping out - but Russell came and picked me up and we went to a place called August Moon. I was nervous and not acting like myself, thinking, "I'm sitting next to a murderer" - because, of course, I thought he did it because the police said he did it.


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